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Funny Pictures of Squirrels

funny pictures of squirrels

Funny pictures of squirrels – Squirrel is one animal that has a very funny behavior. Therefore, squirrels often become the main character in the animated kid’s movies. In real life, squirrels are animals that have unique characteristics compared to other animals. Here is some of the uniqueness of this animal:


funny squirrel pictures

  1. Brushing teeth: Among the many animals that utilize her teeth to chew their prey, squirrels just like brushing your teeth. The tools used to brush his teeth every morning is a tree branch. In addition to be a toothbrush, twigs are also useful to sharpen the teeth.
  2. Favorite Food: In every movie or story, always told that favorite foods of squirrels are nuts or fruit and grain. But actually squirrels favorite food is egg birds. It’s just that his favorite food is hard to come by.
  3. Breed: Squirrels also an animal that has remained the mating period each spring and late summer. In a two-period per ordinary female squirrel baby squirrel tails 2 to 5.
  4. Residence: The most comfortable place to live is a tree squirrel. Especially the tree hole. However, if the tree had not visited her holes, squirrels do not choose trees with dense leaf or a hole in the tree. But the squirrel will choose the top of the tree as a place to rest.



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